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About the Parish Council

Councillors give their time voluntarily as it is an unpaid role. By becoming a parish councillor you become someone your community will look to for help, guidance and support – a community leader with the power to influence decision, work alongside other agencies and local government, create a strategy and deliver plans for the benefit of the parish you live in. Our current Councillors are:


Chairman - Councillor Dennis Clark

07785 391259

Planning Committee, Finance Committee, Police Liaison, Resilience Plan Working Party, Jack's Windfarm Committee


​Vice Chairman – ​ Councillor Peter Borlace
07725 314161

Planning Committee Chairman, Finance Committee, Playing field/Playground and Allotments.

Councillor Keith Morris

07979 524432

Finance Committee Chairman, Playing Field/Playground

Councillor David Cressy

07968 731902

Planning Committee

Councillor Jeremy Neville-Eliot 

Councillor Angus Piper 


Parish Clerk: Caroline Boyden. 

07437 529179


County Councillor:

Cllr Andrew Jamieson

07450 679902

Borough Councillor:


Cllr Sam Sandell

07823 556402

Member of Parliament:

James Wild MP

0207 219 3000


The Role of a Councillor


They are elected to represent the interest of the local community as a whole and promote a harmonious local environment. 


Local (Parish) Councils are the first tier of governance and are the first point of contact for anyone concerned with a community issue.


The term 'Local Council' is synonymous with ' Parish Council, 'Town Council' and 'Community Council'.


Parish Councils are made up of locally elected Councillors. They are legally obliged to hold at least four meetings a year.  We meet on a monthly cycle (except August) to discuss council business and hear from local residents.  Borough and County Councillors regularly attend parish meetings and report at the Annual Parish meeting. Councillors are expected to attend meetings on a regular basis.​

Councillors must abide by a Code of Conduct, a set of rules on how Councillors are expected to behave. They must also declare their financial interests in the parish.

Parish Councillors Register of Interest declarations can be found :

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